1953 Tele Neck Cloudy Nitro 400g Spray Can

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  • Brand: Wicked Witch
  • Product Code: N1953TCGC

SPECIAL PRICE **** WAS $39.95 **** NOW $29.95****

This colour is a sample of a 1953 Tele Neck in Good Condition with Heavy Cloudy Nitro

  • This is a very heavily clouded nitro that's been affected by time and UV light.
  • Almost "Butterscotch Blonde"
  • All our sample neck colour photos show three coats of the labelled nitro tint laquer on top of a clear sanding sealer base.
  • In a 400g aerosol spray can
  • Nitrocellulose laquers are now crafted in Catalina specialised Paint Mixing Workshop.
  • We have spent over $40,000+ AUD and hundreds of hours to bring you perfection in paint.


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