Fender USA Standard Stratocaster Tremolo Bridge Assembly ('08-Present) 0075091049

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  • Brand: Fender
  • Product Code: 0075091049

Originally introduced as an upgrade to American Standard Series guitar in 2008, this bridge assembly combines the

contemporary two-point synchronized tremolo design with classic Fender® looks. Two heavy-duty pivot screws let

you do vibrato work, with vintage-style stamped steel saddles for pure Fender® tone and sustain.

Package includes six bent steel saddles with Fender stamped onto each saddle, and screw-in style tremolo arm.

Includes bridge pivot screws and inserts, tremolo claw and tremolo springs, adjustment wrenches, and tremolo arm

with white tip.

Used on most American Standard and American Series (US) Stratocaster® models manufactured from '08-Present.

Can be fitted to most American series models using a two-point synchronized tremolo.

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