12 vintage Fender pickguard screws - slot/chrome 0018368049

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Fender 12 vintage pickguard screws - slot/chrome

Fender '52 style nickel plated steel 4 X 1/2" oval slotted head wood screws. Oval slotted head, shank is threaded all the way. On a sample screw I measured .206" diameter on the head, .111" on the thickest portion of the threaded shank, .510" length overall. Fender nickel '52 style slotted oval head This style of slotted pickguard screw is appropriate for early '50s instruments and reissues ('NoCaster', '54 Stratocaster, etc.). Also used to mount Telecaster control plate. Package of twelve nickel-plated steel slotted (4 x 1/2")  screws used for pickguard and control plate mounting on the American Vintage '52 Telecaster┬«.

Please Note that aged item will take up to 3 to 5 days extra to ship. 

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