Surf Green AGED 1952

  • $49.95

Nitrocellulose Surf Green AGED Lacquer

  • This is the colour that Surf Green turns into after 40+ years
  • Use this over Surf Green 1952 and then buff/sand through it to get that worn look. Can also be used over Daphne Blue 
  • Not Green, More Green Blue
  • Duco 
  • 400g Spray Can
  • This is a base coat, so it needs a clear top coat over it and a white undercoat under it.

Nitrocellulose laquers are now crafted in Sydney Guitar Setups' specialised Paint Mixing Workshop.

We have spent over $40,000+ AUD and hundreds of hours to bring you perfection in paint.

"Fender" colours are matched against Dupont colour charts and formula's from 1958-1971 to bring you genuine vintage shades that Leo Fender himself used.

We test the top surface of the colour chip samples and then also the next layer underneath. This is to achieve both an aged reading and a reading that has not been affected by UV, moisture or time.

We also take readings of vintage guitars that come through our work shop for a faded series in nitrocellulose.

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