250K CTS Vintage 'Dish Back' Solid Shaft Audio Taper Pot EP4395-000

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  • Brand: CTS
  • Product Code: EP4395-000

CTS Vintage Style 'Dish' Back Pot with US thread and 24 spline. 250K Audio Taper, Solid Shaft With Nut, Lock & Dress Washer.
This pot is the perfect height for use on guitars equipped with pickguards and control plates.

Specs - Vintage Style 'Dish' Back with 1/4" (6.35mm) diameter soild shaft.

Dimensions - The threaded portion on the shaft is 6.5mm long. Total length of the shaft to the top is 16mm.

Here at Sydney Guitar Setups we us this one on pre 1980's vintage Teles, P Bass and Jazz Basses.

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