Fender Pure Vintage Pickguard, '52/'58 Telecaster, 5-Hole Mount, Eggshell 1-Ply 0094062049

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  • Brand: Fender
  • Product Code: 0094062049

Many of Fender's Pure Vintage parts are crafted where possible on the same tooling and machinery as our original-era Fender parts.
Our Pure Vintage pickguards utilize many of the same materials as those used from our original vendors in the '50s and '60s for an eminently classic vibe.


  • Eggshell 5-hole-mount pickguard
  • One-ply vinyl configuration
  • Neck pickup mounting screws mount beneath pickguard
  • Fits most vintage and modern Telecaster┬« guitars
  • Drilling into the body may be required for proper fit

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