Fender USA Vintage Series Jazzmaster Jaguar Vibrato Arm Mounting Receptacle Sleeve Bushing 0054471049

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  • Brand: Fender
  • Product Code: 0054471049

Fender USA Vintage Series Jazzmaster and Jaguar vibrato arm mounting receptacle, nickel plated. As found on American Vintage Series reissue guitars. This is the gizmo that threads into the bottom of the whammy assembly and sticks up through the top of the plate to accept the whammy bar.  Brand New. Genuine Fender 0054471049.  Nickel-plated steel mounting receptacle and bushing / collet designed to hold the tremolo arm in place on an American Vintage Series Jaguar┬« or Jazzmaster┬« tremolo system. Will not fit import models.

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